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Desktop Flick

Desktop Flick - Japanese flick keyboard for desktop.

Desktop Flick uses your mobile device’s keyboard and mirrors the output onto the desktop. This application works with any mobile keyboard language.

📃 Installation

⚠ Running this application may trigger your antivirus; this is a FALSE POSITIVE. Add this application to the exception list if you don’t want to see alerts.

This application doesn’t add a new keyboard, you need to add them to your mobile device first.

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Either run the installer or extract the zip into the desired directory.
    • Installer installs into AppData/Local/Desktop-Flick.
  3. Run Desktop-Flick.exe.
  4. Login with mobile device (you must be on the same internet network).
  5. Start typing.

⚙️ Configuration

Default port is 7272, this can be changed by going to the config.json and changing the port value. This config is generated on the first run.

    "port": 7272

👨‍💻 Contributing

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AI generated code is strictly prohibited on this repository.

  • Build using npm run build or npm run prepare. Make sure to run npm run rebuild first.
  • Test builds using npm run start:dev
  • Package builds using npm run make

💼 License

This software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0.


Developer & Maintainer
March 2021
June 2021
Last Updated
October 2023

Influenced by this april fools post from Google, there are no Japanese flick keyboards available on the consumer market for PCs. To fulfill this need I have created a desktop application that streams a mobile device’s keyboard inputs to the desktop, allowing for the use of localized mobile keyboards on the desktop without any additional peripherals. While initially created for Japanese, it is functional for any mobile language keyboard.


Built with
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Electron
  • NodeJS
  • HTML
  • CSS
Built using
  • VSCode
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Actions
Built for
  • Windows