Mal4J - MyAnimeList for Java

Java wrapper for the official MyAnimeList API

Mal4J is a Java wrapper for the MyAnimeList API. This library is compatible with Java 8+, Java 9+ modules, and Android.

This library supports read and write operations, including list updates.


Mal4J requires at least Java 8. No additional dependencies/libraries are required.

Compiled binaries can be installed from:

See setup for steps to authenticate and actually use this library.


Search Queries

Find Anime and Manga by search, ranking, season, and suggestions.

MyAnimeList mal = MyAnimeList.withClientID("");
List<Anime> search =

Anime and Manga Lists

Read and edit your Anime and Manga listings.

MyAnimeList mal = MyAnimeList.withToken("");
MangaListStatus status =
        .tags("tags", "more tags")

Everything Else

All information provided in the MyAnimeList API including Anime, Manga, forums, genres, pictures, statistics, and characters, are accessible in this library.

MyAnimeList mal = MyAnimeList.withClientID("");
Anime anime = mal.getAnime(13759);

String ja = anime.getAlternativeTitles().getJapanese();
Genre[] genres = anime.getGenres();
RelatedAnime[] relatedAnime = anime.getRelatedAnime();
AnimeRecommendation[] recs = anime.getRecommendations();
OpeningTheme[] op = anime.getOpeningThemes();
Video[] PV = anime.getVideos();
List<Character> characters = anime.getCharacters().search();

Character character = mal.getCharacter(61371);
Person person = mal.getPerson(10765);


Before you start

For Anime/Manga list tests Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo (Anime#13759 and Manga#28107) will be used.

The test cases will create a backup of your list in the anime-list.txt and manga-list.txt files. Make sure you fix your ratings and any other information that might be overwritten by this test.

Ignore test failures for these known issues: ⚠️ External Issues.

Running Tests Locally

For local tests you can use Java 8+, however only methods in the Java 8 API may be used. The src/main/java9 and src/main/java11 folders should not be marked as a source root.

Run tests locally by adding a text file named client.txt that contains the client ID in the src/test/java/resources directory.

Please note that the client ID being used for tests must not have a client secret and must have an app redirect url of http://localhost:5050.

Running Tests using GitHub Actions

Tests can be run using GitHub Actions by running the MyAnimeList CI workflow manually in the actions tab of your fork. Note that this requires two secrets, a MAL_CLIENT which contains the client ID, and a MAL_TOKEN which contains the OAuth token (ex: Bearer <oauth token>).


This library is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0.


Developer & Maintainer
November 2020
April 2021
Last Updated
December 2023

Developed a zero-dependency Java/Android library for the MyAnimeList REST API. Compatible with Java 8+ and Java 9+ modules. Includes its own built-in JSON processor.


Built with
  • Java
  • Apache Maven
Built using
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Actions
Built for
  • Java