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A simple and efficient HTTP server for Java

⚠️ simplehttpserver5 is not compatible with any previous version of simplehttpserver.

Simplified httpserver experience for Java 8. Includes extensible servers and handlers for complex operations.


This library requires at least Java 8. No additional dependencies are required.

Compiled binaries can be installed from:

Refer to the documentation to learn how to use servers and handlers.


Complicated tasks made easy

Simplified exchange methods for:

  • Parsing GET/POST requests, including multipart/form-data support.
  • Accessing cookies.
  • Sending byte arrays, strings, and files to clients.
  • Sending gzip compressed responses.
SimpleHttpHandler handler = new SimpleHttpHandler(){
    public void handle(SimpleHttpExchange exchange){
        Map POST = exchange.getPostMap();
        MultipartFormData form = exchange.getMultipartFormData();
        Record record = form.getRecord("record");
        FileRecord file = form.getRecord("file").asFile();
        exchange.send(new File("OK.png"), true);

More Features

Features not included with a regular HTTP server:

  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Multithreaded Servers
SimpleHttpServer server = new SimpleHttpServer(8080);
server.setHttpSessionHandler(new HttpSessionHandler());
SimpleHttpHandler handler = new SimpleHttpHandler(){
    public void handle(SimpleHttpExchange exchange){
        HttpSession session = server.getHttpSession(exchange);
        String session_id = session.getSessionID();
        Map<String,String> cookies = exchange.getCookies();

Simplified Handlers

Simple and extensible request handlers:

  • Redirect Handler
  • Predicate Handler
  • Root / Handler
  • File Handler
  • Server-Sent-Events (SSE) Handler
  • Temporary Handler
  • Timeout Handler
  • Throttled Handler
RedirectHandler redirect = new RedirectHandler("");
FileHandler fileHandler = new FileHandler();
fileHandler.addFile(new File("index.html"));
fileHandler.addDirectory(new File("/site"));
SSEHandler SSE = new SSEHandler();
SSE.push("Server sent events!");
ThrottledHandler throttled = new ThrottledHandler(new ServerExchangeThrottler(), new HttpHandler());


Running Tests Locally

For local tests you can use Java 8+, however only methods in the Java 8 API may be used. The src/main/java9 folder should not be marked as a source root.

Running Tests using GitHub Actions

Each commit automatically triggers the Java CI workflow, make sure you have actions enabled on your forks.


This library is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0.


Developer & Maintainer
June 2022
November 2022
Last Updated
May 2024

Java library based on the backend of my capstone project. Simplifies the Java sun http server. Updated version of simplehttpserver.


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